Web Support & Manintenance


Importance of Web Support & Maintenance services :

Simply, websites are like vehicle. To keep a vehicle running it requires timely care and services. Websites also need timely maintenance and best support to keep working fine. That’s why ‘Support & Maintenance Services’ contains much importance for a website. Most of the organisation spends millions of dollars for their websites to keep their website secure + safe and trust-able for their customers. Security can be maintained if website is up to date. To keep a website updated, important tips are:

  • Updated CMS & plugins.
  • Updated content & database.
  • Secured Hosting.
  • Timely backup of websites.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Record of Domain Expiration.

It’s important to do regular software updates to every website :

User’s Trust :
According to an recent survey, websites that are updated and are well maintained, gains 100% of the customer trust. Because of the security reasons, its the common fact that the customer will have more trust if your website it timely updated. So to have strong bounding with customers, website is always required to be updated.

As the technology changes the taste of the user also gets changed. To keep their taste content of the website should be updated timely. It also let the customer feel the presence of the website owner. Also for the process of search engine optimization, the content should be updated.

System Compatibility :
CMS and plugins, that are used for website development, also requires updation. As the technology gets changed after the regular time intervals, so the updation also results in better compatibility with different type of devices and browsers.

New Features :
The software owners always try to make their product more reliable and useful for their customers. So they keep implementing their technologies. New features introduced can be availed only if the software is updated. If you not updated then you will not be aware of the new featured added. And the user might get distracted from this.

Still if you think your website requires proper support and maintenance and you want to have secure hands for your website, then let us help you with our best support and maintenance services.

Benefits of campHP Support & Maintenance Services :

campHP never compromises with the customer’s trust. If you want your website to be handled by trusted hands then you can contact us anytime. We will keep you notify about important notifications freely if you develop your website from us. Our support & maintenance services are very Our supporting staff is available to help you 24*7. Benefits you get by getting our services are :

  • Updation of CMS and plugins.
  • Backup of website in every month.
  • Scanning of website.
  • On page & Off page SEO.
  • Blog Posting.
  • Domain & Hosting Record.
  • Notification via E-mails.


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